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All measure are being taken to  promote water supply to the Buddhist temples during the Sambuddhatva Jayanthi.

Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that it will be carried out in addition to deducting 75% off the  water bills of the temples during the Wesak month. The Minister expressed these views while addressing the media personnel in Kandy yesterday. The Minister said that water connections will be provided for pipelines in temples free of charge. He said that  pipelines that are not in working condition at the temples will also be renovated by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. The work will be carried out in 24 districts.

An 18 hour water-cut will take effect from 8pm today to 2pm Saturday (May 21st) owing to essential repairs being done in the area, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board told Daily Mirror online. 

The affected area is Rajagiriya, Moragusmulla, Obeysekarapura, Koswatte, Nawala, and Bandaranayakepura, and all by-roads in the area.

The public is advised to store sufficient water in advance to avoid discomfort. (Daily Mirror online)
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